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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Pretty Little Button

I stopped by Inua wool shop over Christmas to buy some yarn for David's hat that I was making him for Christmas. While I was there I was looking through the buttons and fell in love with these pretty little raspberry ones. The sales lady noticed me looking at them and told me she could not get them anymore as the lady who makes them had recently passed away. For weeks I couldn't stop thinking about this button.  When a neck gaiter that I knit was too small to fit over my head it became a felted purse. I knew where to find the perfect button to close it up!


  1. Oh, I love this button! I can see why you would want it so badly. I found your blog from the swap-bot e-wishlist. I will be checking back often!

  2. That's so adorable. I love buttons and have an increasing collection, although I never manage to make anything to use them. I need to knit and sew faster I think.


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