Bucket List

I used to make lists of places I wanted to travel and things I wanted to do. Recently, I came across an old notebook that had a piece of paper tucked into it. I knew before I had even opened it what was on it. I carried that sheet of paper with me for years in backpacks, purses, and wallets. I made it just before going to Northland College. I was stunned how many things I had accomplished that were on that list. The collage above highlights some of the things on that list. I have realized the big things I have accomplished in my life came from writing things down and telling people what I wanted to do. It held me accountable to my dreams.  I realize some of these things are rather simple and others quite ambitious, some contradict each other and some of the links are to bizarre things, but hey it's my list!  I encourage you to create your own...
  1. Go for a Run in Central Park
  2. Thru hike the John Muir Trail
  3. Kayak the Napali Coast
  4. Circumnavigate Lake Superior in a non-motorized way (walk, bike, kayak)
  5. Visit Lake Baikal
  6. Eat Macarons in Paris
  7. Hike Kesugi Ridge
  8. Run Grandma's Marathon
  9. Move to the Coast
  10. Live in a foreign country 
  11. Hike the Santiago de Compostela
  12. Get Married
  13. Learn a Foreign Language
  14. Travel to South America
  15. Cross the Arctic Circle
  16. Cross the McKinley River
  17. Take a class at River Cottage
  18. Take a class at Ballymaloe
  19. Become the Executive Director for a Non-profit  (July 2011)
  20. Own my own business
  21. Have a classic drink in a fancy bar (Completed May 2011)
  22. Pick a quart of cloudberries  (Completed July 2010)
  23. Make (Great) Croissants
  24. Learn Thai Massage
  25. Make my own set of ceramic dinnerware
  26. Knit a pair of socks
  27. Attend a U2 Concert
  28. Hike the Wonderland Trail at Mt. Ranier
  29. Try Winter Biking
  30. Ride my Bike 2,500 miles in one year
  31. Take a Botanical Illustration Course (Completed July 2012)
  32. Take a Bake-Cation!
  33. Learn to use a DSLR(August 2011)
  34. Take a Chocolate Tasting Tour of Paris
  35. Ride an organized Century
  36. Visit Iceland
  37. Hike the Chilkoot Trail
  38. Ride a Bike in Amsterdam
  39. Run the Marathon du Medoc
  40. Visit Baked in Brooklyn
  41. Purchase a LeCreuset French Oven (completed January 2011 it was a gift, even better)
  42. Take a Painting Class in France
  43. Eat some Gourmet Donuts (completed October 2011)
  44. Learn to play one song on the guitar
  45. Visit the Arctic-alpine Botanic Garden in Tromsø, Norway
  46. Attend the Marmalade Awards in Cumbria, UK
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