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Thursday, November 13, 2008

I won! I won!

I can't tell you how many times I have been online making a purchase, looking up information, or just surfing and have one way or another been entered into an online contest or sweepstakes. It seems like you can't get much information off the internet these days without first giving up your address. I always think that nobody ever wins these things, but guess what? Somebody does, and one of those somebody's was me. I received a package slip in the mail last week and the slip said the package was from Bloomsbury. I had not ordered anything and thought the slip might be an error, it did however have my name on it. So, I went to the post office on Saturday and they couldn't find the package. I was somewhat curious about the contents of my mysterious package but growing ever doubtful that it actually existed. Despite the fact that I had 100 things to do at work on Monday, I took a break and ran out to the post office. After some serious searching the postal worker walks towards me with an envelope and I could see this on the back...I had not received any notification, not even an e-mail, butI knew right away that I had actually won something. I wasn't sure which cookbook it was, so I tore the package open before I was even out of the post office. I wanted to yell right then and there, I won, I won like some crazy Publishers Clearing House prizewinner! I managed to keep myself under control and open the package to find Urban Italian. This is no wimpy prize, Urban Italian is one hefty cookbook and the best part is that their signature recipe is gnocchi. Those of you who have been following what I have been up to on this blog know that gnocchi is on my list of cooking challenges for this winter. I am very excited to dig into this cookbook. Yes, I will shamelessly promote it because I won, I won!
I also loved the little bookmark enclosed with the cookbook because it truly reflected my sentiments in that moment.

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