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Friday, March 20, 2009

Lemon Chiffon Cake

This month the Cake Slice Bakers chose this Lemon Chiffon Cake. I substituted Meyer Lemons. Are you surprised? This was a really delicious cake and would be just as good with regular lemons.  It was a great way to celebrate spring, although I must say it felt a lot more like spring two weeks ago when we ate this cake than it does today, the first day of spring.


  1. I used Meyer lemons on my cake, as well. Are those Lemonheads on top?!? Love it!

  2. oooh girl, that looks good! I bet it would make a great Easter cake.

  3. Wow, that looks amazing. I think I just found the perfect cake for next time my Mum visits!

  4. Cute cake. Love the lemonheads!

  5. Where is the recipe for this lemon cake? I'll keep looking through your blog.

  6. Nellie-
    This was a post I did when I was part of the Cake Slice Bakers, an online cooking club. The recipe is from Sky High Triple layer cakes. I'm sure if you googled it you could find a recipe somewhere on the web.


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