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Friday, May 29, 2009

Yukon Flats Part II (First Day in the Field)

April checking for a nest...
Our terrain...
I wonder why they call it Yukon Flats?
Frigid Coltsfoot...
Things are looking brighter...

Our first day was a little drizzly, but the temperatures stayed cool and the mosquitos were kept to a minimum. I was surprised how easy it was to travel across this area, whenever I look at Interior Alaska from a plane it appears to be a horrible swamp that would be impossible to travel in summer. This area was surprisingly dry (nothing above mid-calf) and the tussocks although plenty were not nearly as daunting as I originally thought. There are some advantages to being a field biologist. Our day was done at noon, just as the sun started to come out.

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  1. The terrain shot is otherworldly, especially with the cloud ceiling. The Flats are certainly flat!


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