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Friday, March 26, 2010


I'm not really sure where I originally heard about Flapjacks. The first time I tried making them was about a year ago when I found a recipe in an absolutely beautiful book about the domestic arts. The book made them look so good and the description. I promptly ordered some Golden Syrup from an import company and went to work on my first batch. It turns out that when the book was converted from the metric system to our unit of measure here in the U.S. some things just didn't translate. My first batch of flapjacks were oat and butter soup! Thinking I must have done something wrong I actually made a second batch and tried cooking them longer, blackened oat and butter soup! The jar of Golden Syrup was not very big and I paid way more money than I should have I was worried I would run out of syrup before I actually made a good batch. I wrote to the company and they fessed up that the conversions were bad. They sent me two copies of the second (corrected) printing as a replacement. The problem was that the second printing was not any better. Two more batches produced nothing more than sticky oats. The remaining 1/4 cup of Golden Syrup has been sitting in my cupboard since. I figured Flapjacks were not meant to be for me until....
This month Molly Wizenberg shared a recipe for Flapjacks in her Column called Cooking Life in Bon Appetit magazine. Since Molly has not failed me yet (she led me to the perfect scone), I had to trust her and use the last of my Golden Syrup to make this final batch. They turned out perfectly, unfortunately I am out of Golden Syrup!!
adapted from Molly Wizenberg's Cooking Life

1/2 cup (1 stick) unsalted butter, cut into 8 pieces
1/2 cup (firmly packed) golden brown sugar
1/4 cup golden syrup (it should be pretty easy to find if you live in the lower 48, Amazon now sells it as well)
2 1/3 cups quick-cooking oats (I used the thick farmhouse type and they turned out fine)
Pinch of salt

Preheat oven to 350°F. Butter 8x8x2-inch metal baking pan. Combine butter, sugar, and golden syrup. ingredients in heavy medium saucepan. Stir constantly over medium-low heat until sugar melts and mixture is smooth. Remove from heat. Add oats and salt and mix until evenly coated. Transfer mixture to  pan and spread evenly.
Bake, rotating pan halfway through until top is golden and edges are dark, but not burned. Total baking time for me was 30 minutes. Cool in pan on rack 5 minutes. Cut into 4 squares; cut each into 4 triangles (mixture will still be soft). Cool completely in pan before serving. It is very important to leave them in the pan until they are completely cool, otherwise they will not hold together.


  1. Ooh, I love flapjacks. So annoying about the original recipe. I have a go-to family recipe and so hadn't tried that one, and I'm pleased now.

    So, you know I was going to post you some stuff? (which I have so far failed to do) How's about I put in a sneaky can of golden syrup and my family recipe?

  2. Rebecca,
    That would be so awesome! You are the best. I probably should have just asked you about this in the first place. Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Wow, like really yummy granola bars? Look great! I love Molly, too. She's coming to the Bay Area on Monday and I've been looking forward to it all week...these look fabulous. Great for on-the-go breakfasts!

  4. The US makes a golden syrup called "KINGS" syrup. It is made in the Southern states and can be ordered online from Carriage House.It may be less expensive and is very good! I have nothing to do with either company other than being a customer. Penny Wolf

  5. Megan- I leave Molly a message every so often begging her to come to Fairbanks. It hasn't worked yet!! I'm jealous...

    Penny- Thanks for the tip, I'm going to check it out right now!

  6. Ahh flapjacks. so easy to make, yet so filling and yummy.

    Try these combinations... make your basic flapjack, then whilst still in the pot add in a few handfuls of sultanas and a large spoonfull of cinnamon.

    Or add some nuts and dessicated coconut, then spread it in the pan, then top with what I call my macaroon mix... 200g of dessicated cococnut and a tin of condensed milk and a little sugar, mixed up and spread over the top. Be warned... this one is addictive.

  7. Maz- Add a little chocolate and they sound like Magic Cookie Bars. Thanks for all the suggestions. I love coconut!

  8. I made this today :D I tried flapjacks for the first time in London, and I really wanted to try making one myself for the first time, this recipe turn out great!! Thanks (:

  9. thats so funny! I am living in Ireland and fell in love with flap jacks. Im a professional chef and tried them and failed 3 times with different recipes. I thought I was a failure as well. I will try this new recipe!


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