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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Gerard and Raye's Mustard Tart

When it comes to "real" food, I am not a picky eater. Some would say I am picky because I prefer fresh, local, minimally processed food, but that's another story. When it comes to social graces, I can eat pretty much anything my host puts in front of me. All but one thing...quiche. Once when I was doing a lot of non-profit fund-raising I was invited over for dinner by a potential donor. They even asked if there was anything I didn't like. Of course I said I would eat anything. To my horror I arrived to find quiche as the entree. I seriously have a hard time with even the smell, but somehow I managed to eat a few bites. Even in that situation I could take any more than that.
So, when I saw that this was the second recipe for French Friday's with Dorie, I seriously thought about skipping it. It looked just a little too much like quiche. Not to mention Mustard Tart does not sound all that appetizing in the first place. The only thing that made me want to make it was the fact that David had brought back two jars of Mustard from Raye's in Maine this fall. One jar of Hot and Spicy and another jar of Fall Harvest Cranberry. What I am finding with all the recipes I have made from this book so far is that the quality of ingredients is really important. Quite frankly I'm not sure you are going to find a better mustard than Ray's in the United States. The whole point of joining this group is to step out of my comfort zone and try some new things. I told myself I can back out for lack of ingredients, but here I had no excuse. In the end I was so glad I did. First of all, I made my very first crust and although it wasn't a pie crust, it is a start. Second, the smell of Rosemary filling my house was wonderful. This didn't smell like quiche at all. Finally, the end product was great. I could see making this many more times. Can't wait for those young asparagus in the spring.
Where's the recipe? Well, sorry friend, you will have to buy the book.

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  1. How funny! Not only do we have our taste in blog backgrounds in common, but we both loathe quiche! :) I was worried about making this for the same reason, but I really liked the end result and loved the mustard flavor. Yours looks fabulous!


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