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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins

Ok, so I was going to post something entirely different today, but then I read Rebecca's post about too many bananas and I couldn't help but think that somehow we live on the same cosmic plane. It was only a few days ago that I had the same banana problem and made these Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins. If I had only know I could have sent the recipe in a parcel I mailed just a few days ago. Unfortunately, I will not share the recipe here on my blog as yes, yes it is from that cookbook. You know the one that I won't share any recipes from because I am afraid if I posted every recipe I have made so far they would sue my butt.

Back to Rebecca...we originally met (via blog) last fall during the Jammin' Jelly Exchange. She sent me some lovely preserves which you can find on her blog and mine. Then as though it was fate, I was chosen to send to Rebecca for the Cookie Exchange. I had so much fun putting together her package. The only problem was her blog was private so I was never able to share all the links with the blogging community until.... Rebecca went live! Yes, her blog is now public and that means I get to add her to my blogroll and see each post as it is updated, so I know right away when she has made banana muffins. All of you in the Jammin' Jelly Exchange will be very jealous when you find out about the little winter preserve swap Rebecca and I just did on the side. I can't even believe my luck when she agreed to it. I'll give you a little hint... I was very jealous of this and this, so I proposed a swap for a little of this.

We have found through our correspondence that we have even more in common and now we both have banana trouble...


  1. Oh no, not you too! The bananas are out to get us. Adding chocolate is a great idea. When I was talking to N about the muffins last night he commented that banana and blueberries couldn't get any better. When I said, "how about if I add chocolate?" his response was, "how hasty of me, chocolate is definitely the ultimate." See, we clearly are on the same cosmic plane!

    I can't wait to open some of that jelly when it arrives, I swear I'm drooling at the very thought. I might be curling up on the sofa with the jar and a sharing!

  2. ah, perfect. i have 4 bananas waiting, no dying to be used! yummy muffins!


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