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Monday, December 28, 2009

Peppermint Ice Cream

All this time off from work has given me a lot more time to linger in the kitchen. It also allows me to take photos during those precious three hours of sunlight we now have (the days are getting longer).
I have always loved peppermint ice cream. I distinctly remember being in an ice cream shop when I was a kid and being thrilled to find peppermint ice cream in July. I always favored the ones that had bits of green candies too. I also remember once being seduced by the same pink color in bubble gum ice cream, when peppermint wasn't available. Even as a kid a remember thinking that it just didn't work. How was I supposed to chew and obscene amount of gum and eat ice cream at the same time? There is something about those partially melted bits of peppermint candy that I just can't resist. I am not normally a peppermint fan, so that says something. I don't even use peppermint toothpaste!
I found this recipe last summer when I was busy whipping up seasonal specialties like Blueberry Lavender and Cranberry Sorbet. I knew I would have to make this one once Christmas rolled around. I crushed my candy canes in a food processor to the point that some of them turned to powder, this also turned the ice cream a lovely shade of pink.
Peppermint Ice Cream from Simply Recipes


  1. Mmmm..this looks so lovely, what a great shade for an ice cream. Guess who got the ice cream attachment for her mixer this Christmas?! Alas I wasn't able to get candy canes anywhere this year. I tried for my peppermint bark and they alluded me. Will normal mints work?

  2. Yes, I do believe the regular round peppermints will work just fine. They give them out free at restaurants here in the U.S.


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