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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Minneapolis Farmers Market

First of all I was greeted by a giant chicken...
Look at all these beautiful flowers...
and veggies...
The best part was all these lovely baked goods. Of course I just looked, because I am good and don't eat things like this, right?
*blushes* Where did that photo come from?


  1. Well look where you are! Now you're just making me jealous and nostalgic. So if you're still in the twin cities, promise me you'll make a stop at either the St. Paul Farmer's Market downtown St. Paul or the Mill City Market along the old river front. Both are fantastic and sell only produce grown within a (90???) mile radius of the market.

  2. Siri-
    I should have asked you about other Markets before I left. I had a ton of time on Sunday morning (my flight was in at 6am)and would have loved to check out others. I'll be heading back through on Wednesday. Hope to get there early enough to check out a few things.


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