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Monday, January 18, 2010

Can I come in?

Did you forget someone?
Can I come in?


  1. Oh, for crying out loud, let him in!

    Saw the Foxboro banner, then the 10 Mile Life. What do they refer to?

    Love the Raven shot below!

  2. This is the typical reaction!! One day I ran into the library to drop off some books when it was about 20 below. I was literally gone less than a minute and I came back to Brody making that face out the window and two old ladies were crying about the "poor dog".
    I have been playing with the banner and the blog title. Foxboro is the name of our road. I was playing around with subtitle such as "Our road to adventure", or "Our Life's Road". It all sounded too corny. The main road out to our place has Mile Markers and we are at 10 mile, but 10 mile sounded too Eminem!! I'm still playing around with it.


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