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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Spicy Guacamole

I hope you all had a great Cinco de Mayo. Did you celebrate? Our spring interns are arriving at the Alaska Bird Observatory and I decided to have them over to celebrate. Soon many of them will be living in tents and cooking on a camp stove for weeks. A good meal for the send off was in order. I made these carnitas from Smitten Kitchen and these margaritas from White on Rice Couple. Both were a hit. There were many other yummy appetizers and desserts. I also made two huge bowls of  guacamole and it disappeared quickly. I learned to make guacamole during a sea kayaking trip on the Sea of Cortez in Baja, Mexico many years ago, so I would like to think it is pretty authentic. The only thing I changed was the method. Instead of mortar and pestle I use my food processor. I prefer a smoother guacamole. If you like it chunky, feel free to do it the old fashioned way. I love the fresh flavors and the kick of spice that the fresh jalapeno and cilantro provides. This recipe easily doubles or triples. Last night I used 14 avocados, but I made the following recipe a more manageable size serving two or three. When making this for myself I often bump up the lime juice and add an extra clove or two of garlic. Feel free to adjust it to your taste.

Spicy Guacamole
serves two

2 ripe avocados
juice of 2 limes
1 jalapeno, stem removed (I include the seeds and ribs for added heat, remove them if you like it tamer)
1/4 cup cilantro, leaves only (stems will make the guacamole bitter)
2 green onions roughly chopped, white and light green parts
2 cloves garlic, smashed
pinch of sea salt

Scoop meat from the avocados and place in food processor. Add remaining ingredients and blend until smooth. Taste, and adjust seasonings to taste. Serve with lots of chips and hope there is still some left for your carnitas!


  1. I bet they appreciated this dip and what you prepared for them before they head out. I am not into camping but I can imagine it can be fun with the right people at the right place:)

  2. I'm glad I found your blog while searching for strawberry shortcake recipes! Another Alaska blogger - it is so fun to read other Alaskan blogs. Your guac recipe is similar to mine, except I don't use onions. Come by and visit me at Home In Douglas!


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