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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Calypso Farm Auction and Dinner

Last night was the annual fundraising auction for the Calypso Farm and Ecology Center. The place was packed with supporters of the organization. They provided a meal with all locally grown and raised food. This is where we purchased our CSA from this year. I think most of the folks that do aren't really looking for a CSA as much as they just want to support the organization. To say that our share was meager would be an understatement. Now, I will admit that it was a pretty sad year for growing just about anything. I have heard from other folks that it didn't really make a difference in past years. I'm not really sure that their small farm can support all the special activities and workshops along with a CSA. We will continue to support the organization in other ways, but we need to eat too! I am on the waiting list for a couple other highly recommended CSA's in town for next year.
In any case I donated a couple jars of lemon and raspberry curd for the silent auction. We watched other folks pay $150 for a plate of fudge or a box of homemade caramels and then came home and had a couple more slices of leftover Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake.

In other news, if you notice those little white things on our deck in the picture. Yes, our very first snow of the season came yesterday!

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