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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Noodle Bowls

“Wow, that was a really good meal” “What a great deal.” “What a fun evening” These are some phrases that are never heard after a night out in Fairbanks! Most often whether it is a meal in a restaurant or any sort of Fairbanks event whether it be a beer or wine tasting and a dinner event we always walk away somewhat disappointed. When we first moved here we gave it the good old college try. We went to all the restaurants that the locals recommended. In the end we realized it was much easier and more satisfying to eat at home. With that said, we somehow ended up with our social calendar booked for this last weekend. It all started last Friday night after work with Bad Girls of the North an annual Fairbanks Art Show at the Westmark Hotel. Unlike food, there are some really amazing artists here in Fairbanks and throughout Alaska. I zeroed in on some pottery nearly as soon as we walked in the door. I am a huge fan of practical artwork and have quite a large collection of handmade pottery. As soon as I saw Lori Jean’s noodle bowls, I knew that I had to have one (or two). We have been eating a lot of soba and udon noodles lately, so I could not resist. I also picked up a little sea salt canister as well.
Last night I could not wait any longer to use our new noodle bowls so I made a simple Udon dish with fried tofu, garlic, fresh ginger, cilantro, cayenne and lemon juice. It was the perfect simple meal for our new bowls.

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  1. Sounds like a great Udon dish, love your new bowls! That's kind of sad about the restaurants...


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