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Monday, September 15, 2008

"Dirty Little Potatoes"

Many years ago I had a boss who also became a good friend. She once confided that the only problem she had with her marriage was that she couldn't eat broccoli for dinner anymore. Now, it wasn't that her husband didn't like broccoli, it was just that he wouldn't have been too excited to sit down to a big bowl of broccoli for dinner. For most people in couplehood a dinner consists of more than just a vegetable or two.
Tonight, I picked up the final share of our Calypso Farm CSA.It was more plentiful than most this season. Finally, our share had the potatoes we were promised and the garlic I had heard so much about. We go through two to three head of garlic a week, so this is a nice treat. I remember thinking as the guy from the farm was weighing out my potatoes that they sure were small and dirty. I was in a hurry to get to my yoga class and didn't give it much more thought. All of a sudden during yoga, the thought of those "dirty little potatoes" with fresh garlic was more than I could take. I was trying my best to concentrate on the instructor and our relaxation meditation and just as I was pulling myself together the ice cream truck went by....
Normally on Monday night I try and cook a recipe from the Farm Note that comes with our CSA. Tonight I was on my own for dinner. I decided to have myself a good old fashioned single girl's supper of Pan Browned Brussel Sprouts and Garlic Mashed Potatoes. It seemed like a wonderful way to celebrate the last CSA of the season. I'll cook something from the Farm Note tomorrow night.

Although I didn't really follow the recipe, my inspiration for Pan Browned Brussel Sprouts came from Batter Splattered. I skipped the nuts and just put the Brussel Sprouts on top of the garlic until it all turned brown.

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