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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Princess Marshmallows

So why are these princess marshmallows? I thought you would never ask. Well, they have princess emulsion instead of vanilla extract. Where does one find princess emulsion? King Arthur, of course!

Since moving to Alaska I seem to order a lot of items online. I was in the market for some espresso powder and gelatin sheets. I needed gelatin sheets to make marshmallows, something I have always wanted to try. We always get scammed on shipping here in Alaska. It always drives me crazy when I pay an extra $10 for shipping and then the items come in a flat rate priority mail box! So when I went to check out I was told I could order an extra $7 worth of stuff and not pay any more in shipping, it sounded appealing. Under this little notice they had listed some items I could get for under $7 and one of them happened to be Princess Bakery Emulsion. The description sounded interested and being a sucker for a good deal I added it to my cart. What would I do with Princess emulsion?
As I was digging around in my cupboards looking for the gelatin sheets I came across the princess extract and just the thought of Princess Marshmallows sounded fun. I couldn't resist. So, here they are. The recipe comes from Baked: New Frontiers in Baking. I highly recommend this cookbook, it really is amazing. These marshmallows are really good and I can't ever imagine buying store bought again. I see they have chocolate ones on their website, chocolate marshmallows in hot chocolate, can you imagine?
I'm sure they would be just as good with vanilla. If you ever come across princess extract it has a lovely spice/citrus flavor that kind of tastes like marshmallows!

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  1. These look wonderful! I'll have to check out the princess emulsion and give it a try!

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