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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Incredible Shrinking Dog Bed

March 14

March 22

March 28

April 12

May 2


  1. Cute series!

    They grow so darned fast!

  2. I keep telling David I wish he could have been little and not peeing all over the house. I think everyone else enjoyed his cuteness much more than we did. Anyway...I still think he is pretty cute, just not so little!

  3. Yes, it is too bad, in a way, that they do not stay little...ah that cute baby stage. I inherited two wee baby kittens..about 4 weeks old. Their mother and a sibling had been accidently killed so they needed a home and fast! They are bouncing balls of fur about twice the size they were and so fun to watch and snuggle!! I had just lost a beautiful big boy very recently and still miss him so very much, but these two little ones have helped span the void and keeps us hopping!
    Such joy they all are; animals...angels with fur I think!!


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