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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Winter Again!

We had a wonderful summer here in Fairbanks. Almost two weeks long, although it came a little early this year. Today, we are going to start waxing our skiis and making our Christmas lists.

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  1. I can relate to your 'two week long' summers......only in reverse!! I live in Arizona and we have winters about that long and the rest are hot!! We long for winter as you long for summer.....the iced tea..with lemons of course, the sun screen and shade at all costs, are priceless to us!! How to stay cool and remotely comfortable as one goes about trying to live in the desert!! However, I DO wax my skis and head nort for the holidays when possible because we DO get snow in the mountains of AZ!!!! We actually have a couple of ski would never think we would though! Alaska looks beautiful and I woul dlove to see it one day! Snow an dcool weather are friends of mine! Best regards to you all up there from the desert! We send you sunshine...we have too much of it and gladly share......Ruth,Mesa, AZ................:o]


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